New Storyboarding Video -- Staging for Movement/More on Backgrounds

After taking a little break to cleanse the palate, we're back with another storyboarding commentary video (Links to the all the videos are at bottom of this post).

The topic of today's video is staging for movement; it's critically important to plan ahead and leave just the right amount of room in your composition for your characters to act out the scene with the most impact.

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In these storyboard panels, Bessie starts a series of actions that are going to escalate into a cute little comedy bit. The action starts out when Bessie and Portia are sitting next to each other on the bench. Bessie is so enthusiastic that she knocks Portia out of the way and start frantically putting together cosmetic kits.

Anytime there's a lot of movement in the scene, it's important to leave enough room for the action to really be visible.

Other topics in this video include the use of the "Same As" pose indication, more on background design, the "start pose," and one more example of "The Magic of the Cutaway."

If you missed any of the other posts, here are the links:


Unknown said...

These are really great Sherm. Excellent tutorials. When you got to the yawning action you made me yawn. Top shelf stuff.

David said...

Sherm, these tutorials are so helpful! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with everyone, as you are such a great resource.

Steve Umbleby said...

Awesome video as always Sherm! I especially liked your description of the s/a pose (on the characters as well as the s/a background usage) and I was glad to hear that you don't like using it. I see that used somewhat frequently and I'm always nervous about using it in my boards. It always seemed to break up the visual flow of the boards when you're looking at them all pinned up together. With the advent of doing boards digitally, is that technique even used much anymore? Looking forward to the next installment!

Yazzo said...

Awesome...very interesting as usual! :)

As I watch these, I'm amazed at how much I've already learned just by looking at storyboards and paying attention to cartoons and movies....course, there's obviously a lot that I DON'T know, and it's always good to review. And there's a big difference between 'knowing' and actually doing! For some reason though, I've always though of S/A as 'same action' rather than 'same as'....weird. Guess it probably doesn't make much difference....:)

Thanks for all your contributions to the world of storyboarding! :D

Severin said...

I'm all about the s/a!

Any thoughts on how much action/acting to leave to the animators? In most board's for hand-drawn shows like this, I've noticed that a lot of information is left to the animators to decide, whereas for the cg boards I've looked at the board artists go so far as to practically animate in the boards themselves.

Thanks again for another great post!

Anonymous said...

Once again, very well-done post. I can't wait for the next one on storyboarding. These keep getting more and more interesting.