Ponytail by Lee Holley – Superbly Drawn Teen Comics from the Sixties

Ponytail Comic Book Cover Teenage cartoon girl wearing a skirt and sweatshirt carrying bucket of water for boys on the basketball team
Meet Ponytail from cartoonist Lee Holley!

After a long career of drawing cartoons for Warner Brothers, ghosting newspaper comic strips, and drawing the Dennis The Menace Sunday page, Lee Holley got his own comic strip in 1960. It was about a teen girl named Ponytail, and it’s drawn in a fun and breezy cartoony style that just dances and sings all across the newsprint. A couple of years later, Ponytail starred in new stories published in Dell comic books. This little story is from Ponytail #6 from 1962.

cartoon teenagers have a date at a pizza restaurant
Here’s the inside-front-cover gag:
cartoon teen boy pulls up car in front of girlfriend's house at night Ponytail by Lee Holley
There’s a lot of great information about Lee Holley on the web – including this VERY in-depth interview:

Take a look at some of these links for more insight
into the career of cartoonist Lee Holley:

UPDATE! Pat from the Silver Age Comics blog has just shared his thoughts on Ponytail and Lee Holley, featuring lots of juicy comic art from Dell's Ponytail #1!
cartoon kids sharing a drink in the maltshop Ponytail comic book scans by Lee HolleyClick on the cover for more on Ponytail #1
More Ponytail comics here:

Blonde hair teenage cartoon girl talking to brunette comic book friendPonytail in "Little League Lament"

Comic book scan Ponytail by Lee HolleyPonytail in "Sticky Situation"

A Train Ride Thru Dinosaur Land...Primeval World and the Grand Canyon at Disneyland

The most unsung and critically neglected bit of awesomeness at Disneyland has got to be the train ride thru the Grand Canyon and...The Primeval World!!!

The first time I saw this magnificent recreation of the land of the dinosaurs, I was about five years old and still reeling from the staggering experiences of shrinking down to atom-size in Monsanto's Adventure thru Inner Space, the Haunted Mansion and the Pirates of the Carribean. How in the world did they...?

The staging and the lighting in The Land of the Dinosaurs are so perfect! Every instant of this attraction is a thing of pure beauty. I especially love the way the foreground objects are in the shadows, and they silhouette so perfectly against the more colorfully-lit middlegrounds and backgrounds. Check out that awesome pterodactyl at around 1:24 !

Anyway, I was at Disneyland last weekend, and found myself with my little Flip video camera while I was on the Disneyland Railroad. So here it is in disappointing lo-res 2-D video...the amazing animatronic diarama that is... Primeval World!

How to Draw Cartoons the Old-Time Way! Instructional Cartooning Book from 1920's

how to draw old fashioned cartoons drawing cartooning tips tacks cartooning tips for aspiring cartoonists

Take a look at this wonderful little book on cartooning techniques by cartoonist B. "Tack" Knight. Tack's Cartoon Tips for the Aspiring Professional!

In just twenty-nine pages he teaches aspiring professional artists how to draw cartoons the way they were done in the old-fashioned style of 1923!

Some of the pages are corny and not very useful today, but MOST of this book features rock-solid cartooning tips for learning how to draw in that old big-foot print cartoon style.

12 Mini Chapters on the Art of Cartooning:
  • How to draw HANDS (this page is a winner!)
  • Hats, Shoes, Wrinkles (as in clothes and drapery)
  • Lessons on drawing KIDS and ANIMALS
  • Drawing various cartoon facial Expressions
  • How to draw BACKGROUNDS
  • and even a bit on Cartoon Lettering
Warning: there's some very politically-incorrect caricature material in here. What people thought was funny back then just makes people mad today. Don't say I didn't warn you!

To read all these cartooning tips as a slideshow, (I think it's easiest to read it this way), click on:

Thanks to Dave Blog for sharing these scans on his Flickr page: Tack's Cartoon Tips for the Aspiring Professional!

Psycho-Delic Cartoon Bubble Gum Wrappers

Grape Gorilla bubble gum wrapper
These cartoon bubble gum wrappers from the 1960’s and 1970’s have some crazy funk about them, dontcha think?
mr hercules luv hippie gum wrapper 
They’re so freakishly drawn and so far from “slick”
that it’s downright refreshing for the eyeballs!
jawbreakers cartoon guy with a jawnreaker in his mouth
Has anyone ever REALLY broken their jaw
from one of these jawbreakers?
 This guy seems to be going for it!
Magic candybubble gum wrapper cxartoon boy in tuxedo with magic wand
uhh...I’m not really sure what to make of this
Andy pollution bubble gum  wrapper