Amazing Artistry and Ideas: What Motivates Us

"Drive" from RSA Animate is an stunning combination of amazingly skilled whiteboard drawing synchronized with a fascinating talk about what motivates us to do our best in life. Magical, inspiring and hypnotic - The ideas and info in this whiteboard animation are as cool as the drawing execution and artistry.

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The artist describes this as "Scribing" Whatever you call it, it's also some of the best cartooning I've ever seen.

The artist is part of a firm called Cognitive Media . They certainly downplay the identity of the individual artist because I've been searching for a while and I sure can't find it!

Anyway, if you're as blown away as I am by this drawing/presentation/animation technique, there's links to their other videos and lots more cool stuff at the Cognitive Media website:

This viewer-friendly visualization of concepts and ideas also brings to mind the sketch notes of artist Mike Rohde:

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gonzalexx said...

I can't agree with you more. This is a sure fire way of getting a great message across, and what a great message. I actually shared it with key co-workers at the office today. And one of the upper level mgmt persons took it upon herself to share it key persons as well. I really hope it sinks in.. they are badly in need of a change in the way they manage. It sure brought to light the way I work and create as well. Great fuel!

Severin said...

I wonder what form of motivation animation crews get, money or autonomy? From speaking with folks in the industry, I get the impression that the answer is neither!

Unca Jeffy said...

I loved this yesterday when you posted it on Facebook and I love it more the more I think of it.

You're right, the cartooning is brilliant, but the ideas put forth in this are brilliant as well!

If you hadn't posted it here I was fully prepared to lift it from you and post it on my own blog on Wednesday. Great job as always finding and sharing these gems Sherm!

Emma And'ertoonz said...

Hey Sherm.. I was completely transfixed by this entire thing and my attention span only usually lasts about 2 minutes..!

Its a great idea to make the most boring subject interesting. Also, on the subject of the actual message, there's was a small IT company my brother in law used to work for here in the UK that did the 'do your own project for a day' thing every couple of months. It worked really well for them and they were eventually bought up by IBM for their creativity and expertise!

Em :)