2-Faced Cigar Guy and Friends: A Doodle Extravaganza

Bloopy Doodle gets the full Digital Painting Treatment with ArtRage

What happens when you take a nonsensical doodle and dcide to make a painting out of it?
Apparently, "this" happens: I call it, "Red Bloop"
Line art from a sketch in SketchbookPro - Painted with ArtRage 2.6

Here's a look at the work-in-progress:

Try's fun, amazing and super-affordable!
P.S.: More of my ArtRage paintings here:

More Abstract Springtime Doodle-Fun!

This is what comes out of my brain when I'm not drawing somebody else's cartoon creations. The mind rebels in weird ways...

Post-It notes, index cards and scrap copy paper. That's my canvas.

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