Giant SpongeBob Wall Painting

Here's a 12-foot tall wall painting I designed for Nickelodeon Studios back in 2005

This is the original Inked art (I didn't work in color back then)
Here’s an earlier version
which was considered too busy:
SpongeBob Mural not final art Sherm Cohen …I guess it WAS a little too busy.
...and here's Sherm proudly mugging for the camera!
More storyboarding tutorials coming soon!



kris.w said...

oooooh! so YOU'RE responsible for that! well i love it. good job. makes me think "hell yeah" every time i see it :0)

Unknown said...

Wall Murals rock! Very cool! Ha, It made me look to see if The Sponge was on the small screen to gear up at the drawing boards.

Unknown said...

Wow, I'm stunned! Thanks so much my cartoon friend! Top shelf cartoon work to be inspired by!

Bob Flynn said...

So cool! I think the edit was a good one—because now SpongeBob is front and center (hierarchy and whatnot). I'd like to snap me a photo in front of that wall some day.

Yazzo said...

WOW, YOU made that piece of awesome-ness?! That thing is in about every behind-the-scenes SpongeBob video out there!

Though the edits were a good call, I kinda would've liked to see it with all the little details...ah, well. :)