Fleischer Popeye cartoons' 3D backgrounds -–How They Did it Back in the Golden Age

You know those really cool 3D panning backgrounds in the classic Fleischer Popeye cartoons? Here's a vintage article from Popular Mechanics that shows how they did it!
Fleischer Popeye 3D BackgroundsFleischer Popeye 3D Backgrounds 2
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Silly Silly Old-Timey Cartoon Fun: The Tuba Tooter

Here's a delightful old-timey 1932 Van Beuren cartoon to brighten your day:

"The Tuba Tooter" featuring the pre-cat-and-mouse Tom & Jerry. Enjoy!

If you like this, then I guarantee you'll LOVE this:
Super-fun 1930's surreal cartoons -- I watch this one whenever I need a fun break from reality ^_^
The music alone is out of this world!

Real Facts Funnies by Martin Naydel -- Fun Golden-Age Half-Page Comics

Golden Age filler comics by Martin Naydel. Boy, I really like this guy's drawing style! Reminds me of some of Harvey Kurtman's early Hey Look pages...

for more on golden-age DC comics artist Martin Naydel, see and more comics at