Doodle Fun for Springtime!

 Post-It notes, index cards and random storyboard paper. Doodle time can occur anywhere and anytime.

Brush-Pen Doodle on Index Card (and my meet my favorite brush-pen)

Little doodle drawn with brush pen* on an index card.

...and (in case you were wondering...)
here's my favorite brush-pen:

Have fun doodling!

How to Draw Cartoons

Come on over and check out my new page called "How to Draw Cartoons." It's the place to find the best in classic cartooning tutorials.
  How to Draw Cartoons
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Karrots - Freaky-Looking Funny Animal Comics

Karrots by Cy King cartoon rabbit and dog
Man, I really LOVE that splash page – the art in this story (by Cy King) is super-quirky! And the story is just dumb-as-rocks Smile
Karrots by Cy King from Nutty Life #2 comic book 1946Nutty Life (inc) 2-29Nutty Life (inc) 2-30Nutty Life (inc) 2-31Nutty Life (inc) 2-32
This is one of those stories that just sort of "stops" instead of ending.
..and that was “Karrots” by Cy King - From Nutty Life #2 Summer 1946
Nutty Life (inc) 2-01
Crazy cover, huh? Oh, Pearl!