Back of the pay-stub doodle

Back of the pay stub doodle…click pic for the mega-size version

Battle of the Frozen Walt Dolls

This little "Frozen Walt" doll has been traveling with me from studio to studio for years. This "cool" figurine was created by Burt Payne 3 and Stephen Hillenburg, from whom I received it as a gift during our time together on SpongeBob SquarePants. My Frozen Walt felt all alone for many years, but he recently met his older twin brother, The Frozen Walt Doll RED Tie Edition!
For one beautiful and all-too-brief moment, the popsicle-ized twins were reunited atop my bookshelf. Then Red's owner whisked him away once again. Such is life.
Looks like Walyt has a lot of frozen relatives. To learn more about the Frozen Walt project, click on the pic below.

Doodling on Storyboard Revision Notes

Sketches 2012 003_Tradio_Fish_Hooks-Notes-04
So I’m testing out some new markers and brush pens that I picked up at Kinokuniya in Little Tokyo. I ended up doodling all over the Fish Hooks animatic notes I was working on!
Sketches 2012 003_Tradio_Fish_Hooks-Notes-02
I thought it would be fun to post the sketches, but the printout has all kinds of secret notes about an upcoming episode, plus I wanted to remove all the crew names peppered throughout the document. So when you see some places that looked like the typing has been censored, it has!
Sketches 2012 003_Tradio_Fish_Hooks-Notes-01Sketches 2012 003_Tradio_Fish_Hooks-Notes-05Sketches 2012 003_Tradio_Fish_Hooks-Notes-03
Here’s the whole sheet…maybe after the episode airs later this year, I can post the whole scan without all the redactions…
Sketches 2012 003_Tradio_Fish_Hooks-Notes

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