Funny Fun with Milt Stein's Supermouse and Coo Coo Comics

Fun Comics!
The joyfully exhuberant
cartoony wonderments of Milt Stein

So much much LIFE! You can see two full stories in all their MiltSteinian glory at:
A great way to start of the new year with a smile :)

Phone Doodle: Three things to Remember…

Sketches 2012 Log Out
I’ve been teaching a storyboarding class over at Disney Consumer Products in Glendale, CA. Here’s a phone doodle I scribbled while I was asking some questions about the physical classroom setup.
Don’t forget:
  • Log Out
  • Time
  • Chair
That is all.

Storyboarding Tips from Dreamworks Animation

Some great storyboarding tips from Dreamworks posted on Ben Caldwell's blog: Storyboard Tips from Dreamworks storyboarding tutorial
MANY many more tips on a bunch of different sheets at Ben Caldwell's blog: and