Kids Run Faster in KEDS! Vintage Comic Book Ads

A couple of wonderfully-drawn cartoon illustrations in these ads for Keds sneakers!
cartoon boys playing football
from Real Fact Comics, 1948
Cartoon boys playing baseball in Keds shoes
‎"In KEDS it's a Breeze!"

The Great Willard Mullin -- Baseball Illustration from The Sporting News

An amazing piece of original art spotted on eBay. Original art by Willard Mullin -- the greatest sports cartooonist in the history of journalism. This piece appeared in The Sporting News and was originally titled "Happy Hangover."

Starting off with a detail shot to appreciate the scope...Willard Mullin beautifully creates a Lilliputean scene of  big-time baseball owners brushing a bunch of players off their coats like so many annoying fleas.

Here's the "big picture" in all its glory...a breathtaking symphony of gestural cartoon art.
More mind-blowing detail shots below...

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