Cartoonists Survey - Sherm's Answers!

There's a really cool website called David-Wasting-Paper where he sends a survey of questions to various cartoonists, and then posts all the responses. Recently I had a chance to participate, too:

Questions range from "What is your favorite pen to use?" and "Are there any rituals that you do before starting to draw?" to descriptions of artists' working area and career advice to people who want to do cartooning for a living.

There are over 120 of these cartoonists' questionaires, featuring tons of great cartoonists like Bob CampBill Griffith, Derf, Dan Piraro, Rick Geary, Bob Flynn, and Drew Friedman...and those are just some of the ones that I like ^_^

It's fun to note the similarities and differences among the different cartoonists, who are all being asked the same questions. Sometimes David will consolidate the answers to certain questions in a way that lets you see all the different ways the questions were answered.

I enjoyed answering these questions because it gave me a chance to thing back on some things I've been too busy to think about. It's a neat world that us cartoonists get to live and work and play in.

Sherm's Cartooning Survey is posted here:

..and the doodles on this page are completely random and have nothing to do with anything. But I wanted to put  'em on the blog, so here they are ^_^

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