Storyboarding: the Three-Shot

Today the topic is the three shot -- a composition that not only includes three people, but deals with the relationships between them

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The general guideline for when to cut is that you always want to be looking at whatever is the most important thing to the story at any given time. At this point, the dramatic relationship on the screen is specifically between three people: Portia, Mary-Frances, and Bessie.

Other topics in this video include acting, corresponding pairs of camera angles, scene descriptions, contrast as a storytelling tool, and "The Magic of the Cutaway."
Mighty-B Storyboard Bessie glove

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MJ said...

These are very cool Sherm. Really enjoying the material. You are keeping these posted for future reference I hope.

DivaLea said...

These are terrific. I'm learning so much!

Lea Hernandez

Sherm said...

Hi MJ -- Thanks for the kind words. I will definitely be keeping these posted, but I am also working on making a new website to keep the storyboard posts all in one easy-to-find place. Stay tuned for updates ^_^

Hi Lea -- thanks for letting me know! If interest stays up, I'll keep posting more ^_^

MJ said...

No, Thanks for posting the cool material. Very useful. Please do keep me updated on the new site. Keep bringing the funny my friend.

Ivan Dixon said...

I notice that you've cleverly arranged the characters in a triangular formation which adds visual interest and directs the eye to each of the characters indivual expressions.

What do you do if the three characters are rounghly the same size or the scene doesn't allow for them to be sitting at different heights? How do you avoid boring compositons?

Ahmed GUERROUACHE said...

Sherm, it s a great idea to do a website about storyboard, it s something missing on the web. I keep following your advices . Thanks again.

DivaLea said...

My interest is up enough for ten people, but I'll spread the word too!

Sherm said...

Thanks, Lea -- I appreciate you getting the word out ^_^