Hey Arnold Crew Photo Circa 2006

Hey Arnold - Gerald
The Hey Arnold crew gathered in Woodbridge Park for a group photo right after we got our crew jackets in late 1995 or early 1996.
Hey Arnold Crew PART 1
Standing: (L to R) Jay Lender, Scott Ninneman, Joe Purdy, Brad Carow, Dave Warden, Micah Wright, Jim Leber, [??], Clint Bond, Dave Lyman, Brian Mark

: (L to R) Jamie Mitchell, Suzanne Benton, Mike Lessa, Stephanie ‘Henning’ Robertson, Lora Lee, Antoinette Stella, Karen Shaffer
Hey Arnold Crew PART 2
Standing: (L to R) Dave Lyman, Brian Mark, Kurt Dumas, Doug Appleton, Stark Howell, Caesar Martinez, Teale Wang, Donna Smith, Sherm Cohen, Heather Adams, Kelly Crews, Steve Socki, [?], Catherine Simmonds, Derek Drymon

Crouching: (L to R) Antoinette Stella, Karen Shaffer, Kenji Notani, Hugh MacDonald, Joey Paul, Steve Lowtwait, George Chialtas, Robert Cseko, Vito Curcuru, Lisa Fuson, Dawn HersheyRyan Slater, Jim Lara, Tim Parsons

Front: Hey Arnold creator and Fearless Leader Craig Bartlett!
Hey Arnold Crew PART 3
Standing: (L to R) Derek Drymon, Rob Porter, Ted Seko, Bill Hutten, Dan Povenmire, Karin Stover, Mary Harrington, Jay-?, Larry Leichliter

Crouching: (L to R) Jim Lara, Tim Parsons, Miyuki Hoshikawa, Chris Robertson, Tuck Tucker, Chris Hink
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Hey Arnold Crew Photo 1996
Great show, great crew, great learning experience.

Hey Arnold
was the first show where I was able to really grow creatively, from Storyboard Revisionist to Director over the course of the first three seasons.
Many from this crew went on to SpongeBob SquarePants (Derek Drymon, Jay Lender, Dan Povenmire, myself, Brad Carow, Teale Wang, Frank Weiss, Clint Bond, Tuck Tucker, Ted Seko)

Spongebob SquarePants
…and Catdog (Rob Porter, Derek Drymon, George Chialtas)CatDog
Tricia Garcia spent the next 13 years directing on
King of the Hill, and Caesar Martinez was a designer there, too!
law_and_order_criminal_intent Antoinette Stella became a prime-time TV writer, Producer…most recently Supervising Producer of Law & Order Criminal Intent (one of my favorite shows).

Kurt Dumas, Dan Povenmire and Chris Robertson have had long runs on Family Guy, and of course Dan went on to become co-creator of Phineas & Ferb!

phineas-and-ferb Family Guy

Jamie Mitchell and Kelly James are working on Special Agent Oso for Disney special agent oso

Lately, Derek Drymon, Kelly Crews, Nick Jennings and Larry Leichliter have been making Adventure Time!

Adventure Time
And Hey Arnold creator Craig Bartlett has been making Dinosaur Train with Joe Purdy for Henson/PBS!

DinosaurTrain Logo dinosaur-train dinosaurs characters
     …That’s a lotta talent!
I’m sure I’ve left out a lot, so please remind me in the comments!


johnbintz said...

Whoa, awesome! Hey Arnold! has always been one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Very cool stuff here. I had no idea Derek Drymon or Jay Lender worked on this show. So much more talent than I thought. I watched plenty of Hey Arnold when I was about 9 or 10 years old. Very fun show from what I can remember, and watching it on YouTube again brought very fond memories of when Nickelodeon was actually worth watching and when they were actually airing all these fun Nicktoons, unlike nowadays with that stupid iCarly crap on the air all the time. SpongeBob is the only reason I tune in anymore really.

One thing though. The title of your post says 2006, rather than 1996 when the photos were taken.

Anonymous said...

And oh yeah, Frank Weiss was one of the animation directors for both SpongeBob and Hey Arnold. I think he did some work for Phineas and Ferb. I just checked his IMDB page because I've seen his name on many of the credits. Hope that helps, Sherm!

Sherm said...

Hi Roberto -- thanks for the reminder about Frank Weiss! I workes with him on all three of those shows. I'll update the post with that info.

Bob Flynn said...

Very cool to trace these folks back to Hey Arnold! Not sure if you knew this, but I designed the website for Dinosaur Train at FableVision. Such a great show!

Arp said...

This is amazing to see, what happens when passionate, inspired people create together.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where Suzanne Benton went?