Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Inking Tutorials - Now in ONE Convenient Playlist!

The Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Inking tutorials I created a few months ago have been a big hit on YouTube...thanks to everybody that left comments and ratings!

From some of the questions I get, I realized that it isn't very easy to find all the tutorials in one place, so I created a "Playlist" on YouTube that includes all the videos:

Even though you can watch them
on YouTube, I recommend you
use the list below to watch them
(with written and visual commentary)
in a LARGER, high-resolution format...
right here on the CartoonSnap blog:

here is the COMPLETE list of all eleven
Adobe Illustrator
"Freehand Brush
Cartoon Inking Tutorial Videos":

#11 - Inking Patrick and onward to Photoshop

Because of the way that Illustrator is usually taught, a lot of people have no idea that you can do beautiful freehand cartoon inking with the freehand brush tool in Adobe Illustrator. If you want to quickly learn to do digital cartoon inking in Illustrator, you're gonnna love these videos.


:: smo :: said...

wowzers!!! i just clicked this playlist and followed through to the art rage stuff and dang! it's really great!

i really like inking with a brush on paper, but when i do digital inks i find myself working in flash just because it's what i'm animating in for work and using all day. this illustrator to photoshop process is really interesting and it seems like it gets great results! art rage is amazing too! i just was fiddling around with the free version and if i keep dabbling i'll definitely get the full.

i was curious though, why aren't you coloring your lines right in illustrator? is it because it's treating each stroke as a vector so where there's overlap on a stroke that might be different colors in the final things would look wonky? something like that?

thanks again for posting this series great work!!!

Erik J. said...

Just wanted to thank you for these videos. I've used Illustrator for inking several times, but every time I did, I cursed more than I inked. You pointed out quite a few features I knew had to be in the program, but never figured out on my own, and also, I think just watching someone else using the thing for inking helped me a lot. Thanks again!

Pat said...

Hey Sherm, forgive the semi-ot post but I found the one and only Superkatt Cartoon on YT:

I know you love Dan Gordon's work; I can't swear this is him (zero credits), but the animation in this one is terrific. And the story apparently is derived from the comics (although I'd have to find a Giggle #9 to be sure).

Scott Johnson said...

Mr. Cohen, got a question for you. When you finish your line coloring in Photoshop, what file format are you saving it as in order to import it into ArtRage without a white background (like a jpg)... I guess as a transparent layer?? I've tried just saving as a psd and ArtRage won't import it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, thanks for the post, it totally opened up my creative world!!

Sherm said...

Hi's the trick:
First...a couple important points---

#1 When you import a layered Photoshop PSD file into ArtRage, it has to be in RGB mode, not in CMYK mode. You can change the mode in Photoshop before you bring it in to ArtRage.

#2 When you import your drawing, ArtRage will put it on the lowest layer and give it an opaque paper background...

...To be able to see through your linework to the color paint below, DO THIS:

On your imported Drawing layer, go to "Edit Paper Settings" and near the bottom of the options dial the "paper opacity" (NOT the layer opacity) to 0%

Sherm said...

Erik J: Thank you SO much for telling me about your Illustrator experiences...It really means a lot to me to find out that these tutorials have helped. Thanks!

Aidan Casserly - Dada Hyena said...

Thank you very much, Sherm! This helped me out in so many ways.

Sherm said...

Thanks Aiden -- That's exactly why I made these tutes, so I'm VERY happy to hear that they were helpful ^_^

Morabaa said...

Really helpful..thank you very very much. ^_^