WonderWorm IV: “The Battle” – Funny Animal Comics from the Golden Age

 Cartoon dinosaur and comic book worm Taffy_23

Welcome to the fourth part in the story of Wiggles the Wonderworm from 1945's Taffy Comics #1. If you missed the first three chapters of this golden age funny animal comic book adventure, you can find them here:

Part 1: Wiggles meets the Professor 
Part 2: Casanova's Rescue Party 
cartoon dinosaur funny animal comic book Wonderworm Taffy_26wonderworm battles cartoon dinosaur Taffy_27

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 cartoon dinosaur funny animal comic book Wonderworm Taffy_28
Next chapter: The Monster’s Cave!


:: smo :: said...


that dinosaur is awesome!!!

David Martingale said...

I love the complete lack of colour continuity in this comic!