Inking Patrick - Video #11 Adobe Illustrator Freehand Brush Inking Tutorials Finale

Adobe Illustrator Freehand Brush Inking Video Patrick
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Adobe Illustrator Cartoon & Comic Book
Inking Tutorial Video #11 Inking Patrick

Now that I've gone into excruciating detail about my Adobe Illustrator cartoon inking process, I have one last video to show all of the previous tips in action. It only takes me a few minutes to do all the inking on Patrick because I'm going at a more normal speed.

Adobe Illustrator Crop Marks Brush Inking Patrick

In a few spots, I made some quick cuts to avoid repeating the same material ad nauseam.
For example, there's not much point in making you watch me draw all of Patrick's little dots, so the video only captures that kind of stroke a couple of times.
Right in the middle of doing the inking on Patrick, I stopped to fix some light weight issues on SpongeBob...

Adobe Illustrator Change Thickness Brush Inking SpongeBob

This is a great example of one of the features that makes Adobe Illustrator such a great tool for cartoon and comic book inking; you can go back and change the line weight at any time, while still preserving the thick and thin variation in the original line. There's no need to go back and re-ink the line... you could just revise the thickness however you want.

Adobe Illustrator Freehand Pencil tool Inking Video Patrick

There are many more examples of using the pencil tool to reshape the brush strokes, and using the copy and paste commands to save time by reusing various drawing elements. The arrange command is used frequently in this video, and even though I've demonstrated it many times already, it's worth repeating because it is so incredibly useful.

Adobe Illustrator Arrange Command Inking Video Patrick

If you're new to this series, I recommend that you watch this one to see where we're going, and then back up all the way to Video #1 and follow the whole series from the beginning. can use all the same tools and settings that I use if you...

Adobe Illustrator Finished Brush Inking Video Patrick

Here is the YouTube version if you have trouble viewing the BIG high-resolution video at the top of the page...

Now that this phase is complete,
here is the COMPLETE list of all eleven
Adobe Illustrator Cartoon Inking
tutorial videos:

Next comes the transitional phase between inking and painting: Importing the line art into Adobe Photoshop for tweaking, cleaning and coloring the line art. I'm gonna try to fit all that in to just two videos, so we can quickly move on to the fun world of digital painting in ArtRage!


Julián Höek said...

great series sherm. that tool that convines the pencil with the elipse is great, didn't know about that.
looking forward to see how you clean and colour the lines in photoshop!

RuinedJoke68 said...


Now we get to color right?

Sherm said...

Hi Julian...My friend Jay showed me that trick with the pencil tool, and it comes in handy all ther time!

COLOR is coming right up! There's one short video on exporting from Illustrator to Photoshop, and then two more videos right after that where I color all the linework on Patrick and SpongeBob.

After those three videos, all the rest will be showing the painting process in ArtRage 2.5

Anonymous said...

Hello mr shrem

so greattttt tutorial , i love it

and can't wait to see the next tuts :D

and thank u so much , so helpful

moataz :)

norman said...


I've been doing digital inking in illustrator for quite a few years, nevertheless I learned some new tips from watching your tutorials. Thanks for all the time you've invested in producing them for everybody.

I have some anal retentive questions for you about the linework that I hope you won't mind responding to:

The fluidity and thick/thin settings you use look wonderful, but I have a problem with how the strokes end or 'cap'. They seem overly computery to me as they are so rounded, particularly when ending a fat stroke. I am wondering if it might not be better to create a custom brushstroke, that tapers to a proper point, similar to what you'd get with a series 3 brush (Walt Kelly, Charles Burns).

I'm also curious to hear your views on why you picked the thick to thin ratios you use (I think they look great) but say Super Rabbit for example uses a line that has a much greater thick to thin ratio than yours. Do you feel you're just using a 'Sherm' line, or is there another reason you've decided against using so much contrast?

I've always admired how painterly the Sponge Bob covers are and am happy to learn about the artist that creates them. You rule!


susiequest said...

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I am now in the fall of life and believe I have mastered a few things. The computer is not one of them so most of the time I don't have a clue as to what I am doing. I just know to many people tell me I need to learn to draw.

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