Comic Book Scans - A New Fountain of Youth at The Big Blog of Kids' Comics

comic book scans - funny animal comic books and harvey comics and Little Lulu
Welcome a new entry to the world of comic book blogs: Mykal's "The Big Blog of Kids' Comics!" This wonderful new blog is full of classic comics scans from the golden age of funny animals and other jewels like Harvey comics and Little Lulu, too. Take a look at:

The scans are good quality, and when you click on the comic pages you get to look at a nice big scan that's easy to read. Classy stuff all the way. Make sure to bookmark The Big Blog of Kids' Comics 'cause you'll want to come back to it often. Thanks, Mykal!

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Mykal Banta said...

Sherm: You are too kind! Thanks very much for the support. - Mykal