More Illustrator Inking - Video #8: The "Arrange" Command

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In the last Adobe Illustrator Tutorial video, I talked about how to use layers in Adobe Illustrator. This time we'll dig a little deeper as I show how I work from back to front even within the same layer by using the "arrange" command.
Adobe Illustrator tutorial video how to use the arrange command

Remember that Adobe Illustrator "sees" drawing elements as separate objects. These elements can be moved on top or underneath other elements using the "arrange" command. Using a white fill on some of the overlapping objects gives the sense of depth that the drawing requires.
Adobe Illustrator video tutorial how to use fills for overlap

Also: more on copying, pasting, re-using, transforming and reshaping lines and objects to get the results you want, and flopping objects with the "Reflect" command within the Transform menu.

reshape selected lines with pencil Adobe Illustrator tutorial video

Here's a YouTube version of the same video if you're having any problems viewing the high-resolution video at the top of the post.

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RuinedJoke68 said...

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Ian Merch! said...

I can't even express how useful these have been. I had no idea where to begin with Illustrator, and these have done nothing but point me in the right direction. It also happens that these lessons have come up a couple days after I've said "I'm going to try to learn Illustrator!"

Sherm said...

Hi Ian...That's such perfect timing! I'm really glad you found the videos, because all of the Illustrator training and books seem to just cover the really technical drawings.

Thanks for leaving such a happy note!