They're Called "Fillers" for a Reason

Daffy and Doodle Logo Boy Commandos #22 1947
From Boy Commandos #22 July-August 1947, It's Daffy & Doodle!

Signed by LIT-WIN.

Daffy and Doodle Boy Commandos #22 - Page 48 
Here's an advertisement from the same comic that packs a lot of story in a single page!
Kid Pep comic book advertisement Boy Commandos 22 Pg 29 1947
Meet Kid Pep!
Athletic spokesman for Kellogg's PEP Cereal
Kid Pep Rescues a SteepleJack Boy Commandos 22 Pg 29 1947 
It's the Sunshine Cereal...says so right on the box!
Kid Pep comic book advertisement Kelloggs Pep cereal 
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RAWLS said...

Some really great stuff here my friend!!! I love these old style comics! I can almost smell em!

Sherm said...

Thanks, Rawls...the best comics are the weird ones!

You've got a pretty swell blog yourself!

Mike Moloney said...

haha that pep one is pretty hilarious. Your right that's a lot of story for a page... perhaps TOO much story