ArtRage Video #4 - Painting Patrick's Pants!

Click on the image above to watch the ArtRage Video Tutorial

Digital Painting with ArtRage 2.5 Blending Paint Patrick's Pants
More color mixing and blending
Painting on a separate Layer Digital Painting with ArtRage 2.5 Patricks Pants
You can see how convenient it is to paint in layers! Things like layers make digital painting a breeze ^_^
Digital Painting with ArtRage 2.5 Painting Patricks Pants
Patrick body done Digital Painting with ArtRage 2.5
Digital Painting with ArtRage 2.5 Painting Patrick's Eyeballs
Next video: Painting Patrick's Pants! See you then!
Plug in your Wacom drawing tablet and start painting!
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...and here's the YouTube version of today's ArtRage video if you're having trouble viewing the BIG video at the top of the post...


Sean Wickett said...

hi sherm,

short time reader, first time poster.

i love this series. i have art rage but never had a chance to real do anything great with it. these tuts are really helping out.

btw, the link to the hi-rez vid links instead to the image itself.


Sherm said...

HiTobor...thanks!!! Blogger is acting up, so I reposted the link in a new post. I REALLY appreciate you bringing this to my attention.

Glad to hear that you're giving ArtRage another try ^_^

Julián Höek said...

Hi Sherm!
Thanks one more time for this series of tutorials!
To me they have been more than a great source of knowlage about sofwares becouse it's always an inspiration to see another artist at work and that motivated me to jump and put myself into business and try to do it for once.

I put at my blog my inked drawing with Illustrator and the coloured version with Artrage. If you want to check them out i'll be more that happy!

I still have a lot to practice with these three softwares but now i have a great starting point.
Thanks again!

Sherm said...

Hi Julian...I just checked out your digital inking and painting on your blog, and it's Fantastic! I

I'm so happy you shared this with me...let me know if I can post the images on CartoonSnap (with links to your blog, of course).

That's really great, man. Awesome! You made my day!

Julián Höek said...

I'm very happy that you like it Sherm!!
Feel free to post them!