ArtRage & Illustrator Success Stories #1 - Julián Höek

I got a nice surprise tonight when my Argentinean blog-buddy Julián Fumagalli sent me some jpegs on his experiments with ArtRage and Adobe Illustrator...
Julian inking illustrator
The top image is some Adobe Illustrator inking Julian did from a cartoon drawing, and Julian created the color painting below with ArtRage!
Artrage painting by Julian Hoek
I'm excited beyond belief to see that these video tutorials are helping talented cartoonists like Julian. I've received a bunch of emails from CartoonSnap readers, and I answer 'em all. Some people have asked me to help out when they get stuck, and so far the long-distance tutorial help looks to be working ^_^
If you'd like to share your digital art success stories -- along with your art and links to your site --

just leave a comment with your info, or email me at:
sherm (at)
...and replace the (at) with @.
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ArtRage digital painting-interface
Here's a quick summary
of the other tutorials in this series:
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Julián Höek said...

Hi Sherm
Thanks for the post and the nice words!
i'll be waiting to see how you did that background in the next couple of posts.
see ya!

perspex said...

yeah its been a real big help, especially your pre made brush box. and the videos too. i have been drawing a lot with my tablet, (that ive had for over a year!) and as soon as i get a real good one, i will add a comment with link.
thanks again!

Sherm said...

Hi perspex...I'm glad you like those brushes...I hope they's save you a lot of time. Looking forward to seeing your stuff!

Ivan D said...

Hi Sherm,

As promised, here is the link to my first real animation:

I used Artrage to paint the backgrounds...although I realise they could be tighter!

Let me know what you think.

Sherm said...

Hey Ivan...tha nks for sending me that link! Sure, the backgrounds are a bit rough, but what's nice is the way the painted backgrounds play against the flat-colored Syd character.

There are some really nice paintings on your portfolio site too... I like the painting style you used for the Barbarian football club and the Zoo Story poster. If you combine the paint with the chalk in ArtRage you can still get that spongey-drybrush effect. Nice work...I'll add it to the "success stories" in the next few days ^_^

Ivan D said...

Thanks a lot for the encouraging words, Sherm!

I coloured the images from my portfolio that you mentioned straight into Photoshop.

I plan to paint a Syd drawing in Artrage following closely your tutorials. I forgot to mention that your Illustrator brush tips (turning of auto select and adjusting the fidelity etc) have really been an eye opener to me! I was always annoyed about these couple of things when drawing in Illustrator until I saw your video and realised that they could be changed.

Thanks again!