ArtRage #3 - Painting Patrick and Using Reflected Light and Shadow Colors

Artrage digital painting Patrick video 
This is the part in our ArtRage tutorial video series where the paint-y fun starts happening!
Artrage digital painting tutorial video Patrick SpongeBob
Click on the image above to watch the ArtRage Video Tutorial

Artrage digital illustration tutorial painting with layers
The line art stays on top so I can always see what I'm doing

Artrage digital painting tutorial layers
I paint the color fills underneath the line art
Artrageusing custom palette digital painting tutorial
I use the custom color picker I set up in the last video
Artrage paint brush size control digital painting tutorial
You can adjust the brush thickness with this slider size control in the lower left corner of the interface.
Artrage digital painting Patrick colors blending video
Once I've applied Patrick's base color paint, I go back in and add a sunlight color on the parts of his body that will be hit by direct sunlight
Artrage digital painting Patrick reflective light colors
I add some green tones on the underside of his arms to show the light that's bouncing back up from the grass and from his green trunks.
Artrage digital painting Patrick using palette knife
...and I add some purple tones for shadows. (don't laugh at my horrible grammar as I say in the video: "More darker." More darker. Brilliant. I hope Mrs. Cooper - my junior high English teacher - never sees this).
Purple is on the opposite side of the color wheel from the yellow sunlight. When I use the palette knife to "swoosh it all around," the whole thing starts to come alive with dimension and vibrant color!
Artrage digital painting tutorial next video
Next video: Painting Patrick's Pants! See you then!
Just fire up your Wacom drawing tablet
and have fun! There's no mess!
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Julián Höek said...

i don't wanna be pushy but...mooreee!!
great video. hope you don't edit out to much out of these ones, not boring at all see the hole prosses! love the word swoooshhing, sounds funny to me
see ya!

Sherm said...

Hi Julian...Thanks! It's not pushy -- it's motivational ^_^

In these ArtRage videos, I will be trimming only the long pauses when I'm looking for a certain tool, or just sitting there deciding what to do next. I appreciate your feedback....good to know that you like seeing the whole process. Have you tried out ArtRage yet?

re: "Swooshing"...when I go back over these videos in editing, I'm often surprised at the goofy things I say. Like "more darker."

I should have three more ArtRage videos posted next week...see you then!

RuinedJoke68 said...

Cool, now it's starting to make some sense. I can't believe that software is only $25.

Sherm said...

Hi ThunderRobot...I know it took a long time to get to the painting, but I'm glad you stuck it through till now! You'll probably really like the next bunch of vids too ^_^

Ivan D said...

Keep up the great work, Sherm. I'm eagerly awaiting the next instructional vids.

I've already put the software to good use. I painted the backgrounds for some upcoming animated shorts I'm working on. I'll link you to it next week!

Ryan Kramer said...

Just got this, is it sweet!
Thanks a lot for these videos, Sherm. They're really an awesome artist resource.

Sherm said...

Hi Ivan -- I definitely would love to see those backgrounds...that's awesome that you're putting it to use already!

Sherm said...

Hey Ryan...I'm really glad you're diggin' the videos...please spread the word!

Julián Höek said...

hi sherm!!
i've just finished inking a drawing with illustrator following all the steps and it was great!! i'm pretty exited with the results!
i've imported the file to photoshop and put some color to the lines and now i'm having trouble to open it in artrage. i think it's becouse i have CS4 and artrage (2.5 edition) might not be compatible with PS's newest version yet.
the error that shows me is that the format of the psd file it's not compatible with artrage. any idea? or other format to save in photoshop that keeps the layers and transparency?
thanks sherm!

by the way, the word verification have been giving me some freak combinations lately! today is "dineles" almost dineless. at a friend's blog was "depre" in spanish like a short way of saying depresive and the day before that was"sifilis"....

Sherm said...

Hi Julian...I have run into that one time before, and it was because my .psd image was in CMYK mode, instead of RGB mode. At the menu up top, go to Image>Mode>RGB Color.

Give that a try and let me know how it worked. Photoshop you may try to save the file with "Maximum Compatibility." Just guessing on that last idea. I'm still working in CS3, so I can't test the CS4 theory. Good luck and let me know ^_^

Julián Höek said...

thanks for the fast answer sherm!
well that seems to have fixed the problem!
now i want to paint under the inkend layer. i created a new one and sent it below the inked one but i can't see what i painted. i tryed to change the inked layer blending option and it works at multiply but i doesn't show me the brush texture efect and the line gets a little darker where i paint. i don't know if i'm setting something wrong in the new layer or in the imported one.
Thanks again!

Sherm said...

Hi Julian...Glad that worked! Now I hope this next tip does, too...

When you imported your inked drawing, ArtRage probabbly put it on the lowest layer and gave it a paper backgound. TRY THIS: On your Inked Drawing layer, go to "Edit Paper Settings" and near the bottom of the options dial the "paper opacity" (NOT the layer opacity) to 0%

That oughtta do it. I hope!

Julián Höek said...

thank again and again sherm!
the paper opacity was in 0% but what seemed to be the problem was that i was importing an image instead of "importing an image to layer" and in that way i can paint with no problem under it and see the brush texture. now i'm having some color fun!
can't wait for the next post.

Slinger's Art said...

Excellent series from Illustrator to ArtRage... You have inspired me again. I've used ArtRage from its early days and love it. As you've mentioned it is so easy to use (I've tried Painter many times but it is way too complex). And it's great to see the creators give it a VERY nice price. I hope that doesn't change. I haven't tried looking but I'd be willing to bet that the prog is not available on many so called "peer-to-peer" sites. Anyone who has to get a 'cracked' version of a $25 programme is CHEAP! Listen up Adobe!!

Anyway, looking forward to the final(?) installment in this series - with other series to follow??


Sherm said...

Hi Slinger -- I'm sure glad to hear that these videos have got you inspired! Hopefully more people will decide to save $375 and try ArtRage instead of Painter.

...and I agree that there's NO excuse for trying to steal ArtRage off the peer-to-peer networks. At $25 it's already a steal ^_^

Sherm said...

Hey Ryan...I love what you did with that title card for The Mustache... Nice ArtRage painting -- I'm looking forward to seeing the cartoon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherm!

Just ran across your ArtRage video tutorials and couldn't stop watching.

I've been playing around with ArtRage3 for the past year or so (on and off) to draw simple comics see
though I haven't properly sat down to understand all of its features, so your videos really help!

I had a question however, regarding layers: how does it affect the painting if the layers are placed on top or under the original layer? It seems that different ArtRagers use different lingo - some saying "add a new layer on top" others saying "add it to the bottom"- and it makes me wonder if the placement of layers affects the way tools and final products interact.

Any tips?
Thannnkk you and make some more :)