ArtRage Video #5 - Bump Modes, Paint Thinner and Finishing Patrick

ArtRage Digital Painting tutorial video Bump Modes
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In ArtRage Process Video #5 we're finishing up the painting of Patrick -- and along the way I'll be covering a couple very important topics..
ArtRage Digital Painting tutorial video Bump Modes menu
"Bump Modes" -- that's the term used in ArtRage to refer to how the thickness of the paint on one layer affects the bumpiness and texture of the paint on the next layer. That's one of the huge differences between ArtRage and Photoshop; The paint in ArtRage has THICKNESS and density...and that's one of things that makes it look like real paint!
 Patrick eyes coloring ArtRage Digital Painting tutorial video
I go into some micro-detail with the painting of Patrick's eyeballs...but it really shows off how a little hint of reflective light and color can create a sense of depth, roundness and ambient light.
It's an effect that people don't notice overtly, but it helps "sell"  the painting and pushes it beyond the everyday type of cartoon coloring. Once again, I have the eyeballs on a separate layer to avoid mixing the eyeball paint colors with the colors on Patrick's body.
Color picker slider ArtRage Digital Painting tutorial video
Even though I say I'm finished with Patrick, I'm still gonna need to clean up all that extra paint outside of Patrick's outlines. But first, we're moving on to painting SpongeBob!
ArtRage next video painting spongebob Digital Painting tutorial

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FrankenBarry said...

It's been a few weeks, but I finally got a chance to catch up on your tutorials... Great series, Sherm!
Very easy to follow, and understand. ArtRage is too cool... can't wait to try it out! Thanks for all the great posts!

Sherm said...

Hi FrankenBarry...glad you made it back! Thanks for the nice wordsn --I really appreciate the feedback!

When you try it out, let me know --I'll post a link your ArtRage experiments ^_^

RuinedJoke68 said...

Hey Sherm, I got ArtRage and it's really fun to play with!

but now i need something serious to practice on, would you mind sending me the hi-rez linework for your spongebob cover?

I really want to learn digital painting, and I want to try to copy your cover as good as i can.

Lavalle Lee said...

Great Tutorial here! Wow, your site is gold Sherm. Thank you.