Charlton Guide to Making Comics - Super-Rare 1973 Premium is now Scanned

Charlton Comic Guide 01
The Groovy Agent at Diversions of the Groovy Kind comic book blog has generously shared his scans from the impossible-to-find, 1973 "The Comic Book Guide for the Artist - Writer - Letterer" from Charlton Comics!
Charlton Comic Guide how to draw comic book panels
In addition to 36 pages of scans,
you can also download an easy-to-print PDF of the whole thing!
Charlton Comic Guide 23
The Groovy Agent has included a lot of background information on this rare and insightful peek into the production process of 1970's Charlton comic books. I've been wanting to find a copy of this for years, so I'm really excited that Groovy has made this available!
alex toth archie man in car comic scans Creepy Magazine
While you're there, check out this scan
of an AMAZING Creepy magazine story drawn by Alex Toth ---
alex toth the reaper comic book scans from Creepy Magazine
alex toth archie goodwin reaper comic book scans Creepy Magazine


swanie said...

Nice scan ... dang, how do you find this stuff?

This looks a little bit like the stuff Scott McCloud talks about in "Understanding Comics" ...

Bob Flynn said...

Loved the part about getting your kid brother to erase your pencils for a dime a page.

Subminister For Propaganda said...

Yeah, but if I follow that Charlton guide to making comics, won't I go out of business leaving behind tens of thousands of comics in the quarter bins of every comic store on Earth? ;)

Jordan said...

Hey Great stuff! Thanks again for sharing!

Sherm said...

Hi swanie ... my secret for finding stuff is to use Google Reader to subscribe to lots of offbeat comics and cartooning blogs!

HeyBob -- good eye! I guess now that it's 36 years later, it might be 50 cents a page?

@ Subminister ...Charlton's loss was our gain -- If it weren't for those quaerter bins, I would never have discovered all those great Ditko comics!

Hi Jordan -- and thank YOU for saying HI

Jay Lender said...

Forget the Charlton book--look at that Toth story:

Interior balloon tails! INTERIOR BALLOON TAILS!

SO elegant. So purely compositional. So completely without tangents. How did this tool not come into wider use?! How did I not know about this?

Oh, the wasted years!

Sherm said...

Jay .. re:interior ballon tails -- I totally overlooked that amazing innovation! The shock of it is HOW WELL it works! Sure saves a lot of panel clutter.

It still wouldn't work for Brian Michael Bendis, tho. ^_^