ArtRage #6 – Painting SpongeBob, Adding Highlights and Shadows

ArtRage digital painting tutorial video highlights and shadows
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We’re finally getting to SpongeBob in these
ArtRage digital painting tutorial videos!
SpongeBob color ArtRage digital painting video
There’s a lot of color mixing in this lesson, and most of it has to do with creating shadows and highlights.
SpongeBob color ArtRage digital painting lighter tones
SpongeBob’s whole face and body are basically just yellow, so I’ve gotta make sure the colors look alive and dimensional. I’ll take advantage of the easy-to-use ArtRage color picker to find variations in the color that represent the sunlight coming in from the upper left…
SpongeBob color ArtRage digital painting darker tones
… and the shadows created on the forms on the lower right.
SpongeBob color ArtRage digital painting darker shadows
How are YOUR ArtRage paintings coming along?
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Previous ArtRage Tutorial Videos:
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Here's Video #6 in YouTube format:

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Unknown said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sherm, for making these tutorials! They are a godsend! I've learned so much from them already and I can't wait to try out ArtRage! Take a look-see. Thank you for providing an invaluable service to us eager, learning cartoonists! You, Sir, are one of the good ones.

Sherm said...

Hi Art -- and thank you for the kind words! That blog header drawing you're working on is pretty sweet...let me know when all the coloring is done!

Unknown said...

Hiya Sherm!
I'll keep you posted, and thanks again for the awesome tutes!

Joseph Candelaria said...

hey sherm, thanks again for the awesome tutorials, ive taken a shot a it using Artage, here's the link to my site with the pic. Hope you like it. man.

Nick A said...

thanks Sherm, I've really enjoyed and learnt a lot from this whole series (with lots of copying and note taking). I had to ink in artrage though (illustrator looks a lot more convienient for changing and smoothing lines after the fact).