Super-Chicken Model Sheets

Paul Spector has posted some Super Chicken model sheets at his Spectorphile blog!
Click on the model sheet to see them all at the Spectorphile blog!
Super Chicken was one of my favorite cartoons growing up, but I never saw it available on video or DVD...until I found out that it was not a stand-alone series, but rather part of the George of the Jungle show!
george of the jungle DVD with Super Chicken
 If you've never seen Super Chicken, get ready! The theme song is one of the most infectious tunes I've ever heard!
super-chicken-Theme song
More on Super Chicken (including episode guide) at:


#167 Dad said...

Thanks for the great memories! I remember watching Super Chicken as a little squirt. Loved the show and the song...

Unknown said...

I remember this just looking at it, when I saw it I don't think I was old enough to know what a chicken was

cartoonmonkey said...

Ha haaa! ZOMG.. new song to bug my financée with..


Love this corny old animation. Thanks Sherm!

Sherm said...

Hi Chad...I had to look up ZOMG...Im learned a new word! Glad you liked the post...just cant stop singin that song