Finishing Inks on SpongeBob - Video #10 in Adobe Illustrator Brush Inking Tutorial Series

Adobe Illustrator Inking Brush Tutorial Video SpongeBob
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Adobe Illustrator video tutorial #10
Smoothing Tool, Pen & Thickening
We start off this Adobe Illustrator inking tutorial video with a look at the "smooth" tool. The smooth tool is very useful when you want to simplify an overly complicated or wobbly line.

Adobe Illustrator Inking Smooth Tool Tutorial Video SpongeBob

All you have to do is to
select the line that you want to smooth,
and then draw over it with the "smooth" tool.

Adobe Illustrator Inking Smoothing Tool Tutorial Video SpongeBob

There's also a brief look at the pen tool as I use it in a very simple way to help me draw SpongeBob's belt. I don't often use the pen tool, but in this case it was the best choice.

Adobe Illustrator Inking Pen Tool Tutorial Video SpongeBob

Once more, the reshape tool comes to the rescue when the straight line of SpongeBob's arm needs a little bit of tweaking.

Reshape Line Tool Adobe Illustrator Inking Tutorial SpongeBob

There are times when the geometric lines created by the line tool need to be softened with the freehand brush tool. As you can see, the lines don't always match up perfectly... but you can always go back later and touch them up in Photoshop.

...Or you can leave a little bit of imperfection in your drawings -- that's the whole point of using the freehand brush tool. It provides the breath of life in your drawings that the more technical and geometric tools cannot provide.

Adobe Illustrator Inking Freehand Brush Tool Tutorial Video SpongeBob

Take a look here as I select ten different ellipse shapes at the same time in order to uniformly boost up the line thickness. You can select multiple objects by pressing the shift key as you use the selection tool.

Once all of those objects are selected, you can use the stroke panel to adjust the thickness of the line weight for every thing that is currently selected.

Adobe Illustrator Inking adjusting Line Weight Tutorial Video SpongeBob

You'll also get a super close-up view of how I use different brushes with different line weights to differentiate between the thicker outer contour lines and the thinner interior lines.

Adobe Illustrator Inking Thicker Contour Thinner interior Line Weight SpongeBob

Next time, the inking portion of these tutorials comes to a close as we zip through the inking on Patrick, all the while using that as an opportunity to review all the preceding tips, and seeing them in action at full drawing speed!

Adobe Illustrator Inking Patrick Tutorial Video

Here's the YouTube version in case you have trouble watching the high-resolution video at the top of the post:


Tanya said...

I just got caught up on all these video blog posts, and I'm so appreciative of them. I don't currently have Illustrator (I'll have to get that trial version...), but I've always been intimidated about using it, and now I don't really feel that way anymore. I get so frustrated using only PhotoShop that I'm going to make myself buy Illustrator eventually. :) Thanks again!

Sherm said...

Hi Tanya...thanks for thatr awesome comment! I really appreciate hearing from people like you because Illustrator totally freaked me out when I started using it ^_^

If you ever decide to buy Adobe Illustrator, look at the various bundled Adobe "suites" because you can get a lot of great programs all at once for just a bit more than the cost of one.

Jay Fabares said...

this is awesome Sherm! do you just do line work or do you sometimes color? Can't wait for Patrick!

Sherm said...

Hi Jay...I'll be coloring the linework in Photoshop, and then I paint the whole image in ArtRage 2.5

All of that has been captured on video, so there will be many more videos coming that show the whole coloring and painting process, step-by-step. So keep checking back for more ^_^