Officer Gumshoe - goofy little half-page filler comic 1948

Officer Gumshoe Animal Antics #17 - Page 43_cr

Officer Gumshoe half-pager from Animal Antics comics #17 1948

Writer/artist unknown (to me anyway...)


Bob Flynn said...

Weird that the artist didn't sign it, but do you have any other comics from the series? I'm trying to piece together what's going on here. Does it involve the fire hydrant??

Sherm said...

Hi Bob -- it might be a bit clearer in the big version (if you click on the image, the bigger version pops up), but it seems like some guy was parking next to a fire hydrant. The driver has covered the hydrant with a little policemen costume to avoid getting a ticket. When the guy gets back in his car, he takes the costume with him -- unveiling the fire hydrant.

I definitely didn't post this one because it's great storytelling or memorable artwork -- I just have a fondness for those weird little anonymous filler strips from the fifties! The fact that I have no idea who drew it makes it all the more intriguing.

Last year, I posted a filler story from the KatzenJammer Kids called "Lil Sigmund" by a mystery cartoonist named Lou Trakis. A few months later, I got an e-mail from the guy that created it. He's been a sculptor and art professor in New York for the last 40 years!

Bob Flynn said...

AAAAHHH. I completely missed that what the guy on the street was taking was a policeman decoy...looked more like he was kidnapping him or something. But I get it now...I guess ;)

Great little characters, though. Hope you find out who the artist it!