Fishes and Faces Leaked out of My Brain

fishes Thursday March 22

smokey 2face

cucumber dude

happy cartoon face
scared kid freaked out man2 funny guyssponge wave smoker guybig nose man cartoon face

frank and fred


chrisallison said...

awesome doodles, sherm! i especially love the 3 eyed, 2 mouthed cigar smoking jerk concept. what a great idea for just a doodle!

Sherm said...

Hi Chris -- I'm not sure why, but three-eyed dudes and backward faces show up a lot in my sketches. (???)

Chris Houghton said...

Haha- these are hilarious! Love 'em!

cartoonmonkey said...

God I love these guys! They're so.. noodly! Your style is just dialed right into the heart of cartoons.. if that makes any sense.

Very very cool. Would pay for a printed version of your sketchbooks..!

Sherm said...

Wow, Chad...thanks a lot! That means a heckuva lot coming from a groovalicious cartoonist like yourself. I really appreciate all have made me glad that I decided to share this stuff. more coming soon!

Hi Chris and Chris..."thanks a lot" to you guys too!