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hobo Plato Platypus meets sad horse funny animal comics Animal Antics #23
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Plato Platypus tries to cheer up unhappy horse funny animal comics Animal Antics
Plato Platypus tries to help out insomniac  horse funny animal comics Animal Antics
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 Plato platypus pulls out a kitchen sink from his case
Plato PLatypus puts a muffler on a cat horse in pajamas
 Plato Platypus is driving the horse crazy leaves on a train
I'm not crazy about that platypus design, but the horse is great!
Plato Platypus and horse funny animal comics Animal Antics
from Movietown's Animal Antics #23, November/December 1949


Chuck Wells said...

Hey, the more obscure the better. Let's have more of this kind of stuff. Funny is always welcome.

Sherm said...

Hi Chuck! I totally agree -- the more oddball and obscure, the better! I'll get some more posted soon ^_^

Marc Deckter said...

These are great! The character designs are terrific.

Although I'm having trouble loading the full-sized versions of the first 3 pages. The first two pages open up small, and the third one seems corrupted. The last 3 pages open up perfectly though.

Thanks for posting!

Sherm said...

Hi Marc...CRAP! I hate when that happens! Thanks for letting me know about the bad image links...I'll try to fix 'em this weekend.

Thanks again...

Marc Deckter said...


Can you post a comment when the fixed links are up please? When I get the email notification I'll head on over for full-sized platypus delights...

Thanks Sherm!

Sherm said...

Hey Marc...the links are fixed, so you can click on the images or you can download all the full-sized images all-at-once by clicking HERE.

Plato Platypus Full-Size Pages

Marc Deckter said...

Super! They work perfect for me - thanks for the re-upload Sherm!

For some reason I just really love everything about this comic. Oh, tiddle de quack and tiddle de quoo....

Sherm said...

Hey Marc and Chuck...keep your eyes peeled 'cause there's another Plato Platypus comic post coming in a couple days -- It's quite the stupid-fest!