The Epic Begins HERE: Taffy Comics - Wiggles the Wonderworm

Taffy Comics - Wiggles the Wonderworm_01

Welcome to the first chapter of an epic funny animal adventure from 1945's Taffy Comics #1, starring Wiggles the Wonderworm. This comic was produced by L. B. Cole and published by Rural Home/Orbit Publications. Click on any of the pages to open up a BIG comic books scan!

Taffy Comics - Wiggles the Wonderworm_02Taffy Comics - Wiggles the Wonderworm_03
Taffy Comics - Wiggles the Wonderworm_04Taffy Comics - Wiggles the Wonderworm_05
Taffy Comics - Wiggles the Wonderworm_06Taffy Comics - Wiggles the Wonderworm_07
Taffy Comics - Wiggles the Wonderworm_08

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Casanova’s Rescue Party

Taffy Comics Cover - Wiggles the Wonderworm

You can find out more about Taffy Comics and Wiggles the Wonderworm at:
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chrisallison said...

Thanks for sharing, Sherm! I really dig the Professors design. Really classic Heckle and Jeckle.

David Martingale said...

Delightfully bizarre and incoherent! It's almost proto-psychedelic. I think this may be the weirdest thing you've posted yet!

Sherm said...

Hey there Chris and Dave...glad you guys are diggin' it! It just gets weirder, so buckle your seatbelts...