Supermouse vs. the Dragon -- Super-powered Funny Animal Comic Book Scans

Supermouse punches the Dragon

"Kid Terror" (from the Nedor-a-Day comics blog) strikes again as he scans and posts another super-powered funny animal comic book scan for our enjoyment!

Milton Stein's Supermouse chases. the Dragon

In this adventure, Supermouse has his hands full as he tries to take down an imaginary cartoon dragon...

cartoon mouse flies in talking airplane in Supermouse vs. the Dragon

As usual for Supermouse comics, the story is fast and silly,

Milton Stein's cartoon mouse travels with anthropomorphic airplane in Supermouse vs. the Dragon 

and the funny animal cartoon drawings are just beautiful!

Cartoon dragon chases funny animals in Supermouse versus the Dragon
See what happens next at:
...and Kid Terror: Thanks!
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Togotooner said...

Merry Christmas to me!! Wow what a bonus gift!! Supermouse in all of his "off register" color glory!! Love the silly stories!

Also I'd like to extend my wishes to you Sherm for a wonderful holiday season and happy new year!


Sherm said...

Thanks Todd. and Happy New Year to you! I appreciate all your comments and feedback, and maybe we'll get a shance to do that TalkShoe thing sometime soon. Best always -- sherm

Bob Flynn said...

Ha, SNURF! Again, thanks for help calling our attention to all the old comics. Happy New Year, as well!