Storyboards: Huckleberry Hound in Caveman Huck – August 18th 1961

Storyboard artist Chong Lee has been teaching Story Development at CalArts for the past four years. This year, he decided to put all of his handouts on a blog for his students, but the blog is open for anybody who want to click over to the ChongToons Blog.
He has a lot of hard-to-find animation ephemera in easy-to-download PDF files. Some of my favorite downloads on his site are the vintage Hanna Barbera storyboards.
If you click on any of these images, you’ll jump over to the page that features FIVE (count ‘em) 5 different storyboards from the classic era of Hanna Barbera Cartoons.
Huckleberry Hound storyboard art from Caveman Huck
The samples on this page are all from Caveman Huck, a Huckleberry Hound episode from way back in 1961. He also has storyboards from Pixie & Dixie, Yogi Bear, Quick-Draw Mc Graw and the Flintstones.
There’s a lot to learn about storyboarding in these boards…especially when it comes to economy and simplicity. If you like them, why don’t you leave some comments on Chong’s blog and ask him to keep posting this kind of rare cartoon art!

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