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These funny animal comic book scans
from 1954 are just too much fun!

Cosmo Cat is arguing with anoother cartoon animal

Head on over to Pappy's for some good old fashioned funny animal comic book adventures featuring fifth-tier anthropomorphic obscurities Cosmo Cat and Super Pup! There are two stories and over thirteen pages of really silly funny animal comics in this post about the odd delights of Avon's Cosmo Cat comic book from 1954.

Cosmo Cat punches the bad guy through a wall

I just posted these two panels 'cause they totally crack me up. Isn't that what a comic oughtta do? To read the whole story (both stories!), click on over to Pappy's amazing funny-book blog at:
Cosmo Cat voice balloon

Pappy's Golden Age Comic Book Blog always has a ton of fun comic book scans to read, enjoy and download. Go check it out and get ready to wallow in a sea of great old-time comics!

UPDATE! Pappy just posted
3 more Cosmo Cat comics HERE--
that's 19 more pages of four-color funny-animal fun.
Cosmo Cat 3 more stories and 19 full-color pages 

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