Supermouse - First Adventure of a Funny Animal Superhero

Supermouse has his first adventure in this comic book scan from the outstanding Nedor-a-Day comics blog!

Supermouse is flying as he carries two masked crooks in this golden age funny animal comic book scan
Read the Origin of Supermouse HERE

Here are some other Supermouse adventures online. The pictures below link to Supermouse scans at the Asifa-Hollywood Animation Archive and Pappy's Golden Age Comics Blog. Take a look...they're loads of fun!

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Comic Book Cover scan - A costumed flying cartoon mouse named Supermouse flies past a cartoon character who rides on a magic flying carpet

Supermouse walks into a top-secret room with a vault door 

Supermouse swings a cutlass in this swordfight scene aboard a cartoon pirate ship

Click on the images below to jump to the comic book pages

Supermouse on rocket from Pappys


...and if you like Supermouse, you'll probably wanna see these pages from another funny animal hero: Super Rabbit

super rabbit flies through the air carrying a carload of crooks in masks on this cover for Animated Movie-Tunes comic book

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