Powerhouse Pepper by Basil Wolverton -- Who’ll Guard the Bodyguard?

Powerhouse_Pepper_Basil_Wolverton_Bodyguard (1)Powerhouse_Pepper_Basil_Wolverton_Bodyguard (2)Powerhouse_Pepper_Basil_Wolverton_Bodyguard (3)Powerhouse_Pepper_Basil_Wolverton_Bodyguard (4)
Powerhouse Pepper
from Tessie the Typist #10 June 1947
story and art by Basil Wolverton
Basil Wolverton's Powerhouse Pepper appeared in various comic books published by Timely Comics, the 1930s and 1940s precursor of Marvel Comics, from 1942 through 1952. The strip was characterized by alliterative, rhyming dialogue, screwball comedy and throwaway gags in background.


David said...

Great stuff Sherm! You may be interested to know that I just posted answers to my Cartoonist Survey from Basil's son Monte Wolverton.

cartoonretro said...

Love it. The girl looks like she wandered in from another comic.