“Tremendous Urgent Demand for Cartoonists” and other Vintage Art and Cartooning School Ads

Its a Cinch Earning Money in Cartooning pmDec25“Regardless of how little you know
about cartooning now, you can easily qualify
for a position in this attractive,
high-salaried business.”
“New Method Makes Cartooning
Astonishingly Easy to Learn!” New Method Makes Cartooning Easy full pmJan26 Al Capp Famous Artists School pmMay1956 100 dollars a week How to Become a Cartoonist 01 pmOct25 -------100 dollars a week How to Become a Cartoonist 02 pmOct25
“You will be amazed at how quickly it teaches you to draw salable work…”

”Enjoy the fascinating life of a successful cartoonist – easy hours, freedom from routine, your own boss, and $3,000 to $15,000 a year for this work that is play!”
…and that’s in 1925 dollars! Sign me up!

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Daniel [] said...

The real problem here is the ostensible lower bound on what cartoonists might earn.