Basil Wolverton’s Hotel Trilogy

Basil wolverton berserk burk Hotel clerk vintage comic book scans

I’ve got my new Basil Wolverton Culture Corner book on order, so in anticipation of its arrival, I’d like to celebrate by pointing you toward a set of amazing scans of rarely-seen Wolverton comics!

Basil Wolverton Culture Corner book Fantagraphics

Courtesy of the Golden Age Comic Book Stories blog, comes this mother-lode of Wolverton wonderfulness: Thirty-something pages of golden-age comical weirdness, featuring three different stories about a hotel clerk named Berserk McJerk/Berk!

Basil wolverton cartoon ducks Hotel clerk vintage comic book scans

All the goodies are HERE:


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Unca Jeffy said...

We should all grovel at the feet of Wolverton!

Thanks for all the links!

Sherm said...

Hi Jeff -- Wolverton is so good, I just GOTTA share the love ^_^

Mike Nassar said...

damn. these look great! I gotta sit down and give these pages a long look when I get home. Thanks for sharing, Sherm.

Rick said...

Hi Sherm, is it okay to post Basil Wolverton’s Hotel Trilogy cartoon at the top of this page on facebook for non-commercial use? I found it in a Google image search.


Sherm said...

Hi Rick -- I don't own the copyright (it may be in public domain, but I'm not a lawyer so I can't say for sure), so it's totally up to you. Good luck! ---Sherm