Lil Chief Hotshot – H. Chambers’ Comic Insanity Knows No Bounds

Lil Chief Hotshot cartoon indian boy native americanRecently I’ve been posting some of the weirdest comics of all time (see links below) …and they’re all from the fevered brush of the lunatic H. Chambers. AND they’re all from the same comic book: Hi Ho Comics #1 from 1946
Cartoon indian boy meets bear comic book scan This innocent-looking story is no exception to the weirdness. It looks sweet and innocent on the surface, but there’s some creepy absinthe-peyote delirium infused in every one of these panels!
Cartoon indian boy chases bear comic book scan Cartoon indian boy chases bear H. Chambers comic bookOkay, seriously…isn’t page four (above) the single weirdest off-the wall comic page you’ve ever seen???Cartoon indian boy chases bear comic book scan Cartoon indian boy follows bear comic book scan Yep, that’s it! It’s like…”I ran out of paper so I guess that’s the end!” Or, more likely, “I ran out of booze so I’m hitting the sack.”

To read MORE pre-psychedelic funny-animal comics by H. Chambers, Click on images below…
 Eddie Elephant face Eddie The Elephant cartoon funny animal comic book scansEddie The Elephant  Percy Pelican Hi Ho Comics H ChambersPercy Pelican
Bertie Bruin cartoon Bear funny animal comic book scan_crBertie Bruin Daffy Dragon comic book funny animal H ChambersDaffy Dragon


Mykal Banta said...

Sherm, you have outdid yourself with these series of Chambers posts. Just simply amazing stuff. Great posts!!!

Sherm said...

Thank you sir -- My brain has been broken open by witnessing the doors of perception that Chambers walked through!

Anonymous said...

those dopey double-takes really influenced Crumb!