Easily the best comic book I’ve read in 10 years: “Daytripper” by Moon and Ba

Just finished reading Daytripper by Fabio Moon &Gabriel Ba. Easily the best comic I've read in ten years. Breathtaking.
Remember what it felt like reading the first ten issues of David Lapham's Stray Bullets? Remember the first time you read Dan Clowes' "Caricature" short story or Paul Pope's "Escapo?"

Remember what it was like before our favorite "alt-comics" artists slipped into a cocooned self-caricature and before everybody else stopped creating and just copied those guys? Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba’s “Daytripper”reminds me of that great feeling. Of actually feeling something when you read a great comic. I drank it up, savored it, soaked in it and I don't want it to ever rub off. But I know it will. And that’s part of what this book’s about.
Fabio Moon Gabriel Ba Daytripper



David Martingale said...

Wow, I'll have to check this out. I bought Asterios Polyp on your recommendation and loved it, so this must be good too.

Sherm said...

Hi David - it's funny that you mentioned Asterios Polyp, because after I wrote this post I realized that this is very similar in tone to that book. EMOTIONALLY powerful like that one. Completely different in terms of graphics, but the emotionally haunting effect is similar.

ComiCrazys said...

ANYTHING by Paul Pope leaves me speechless.

Amanda H. said...

WOW, is that watercolor backgrounds? *gape* :O

fer said...

Descubri sus trabajos recientemente. Que buenisimos que son. Estas imagenes son poesias.
I discovered his work recently. That real good they are. These images are poetry.