Bertie Bruin Tries to Kill his Forest Pals -- Freaky Funnies by Ellis Holly Chambers

Bertie Bruin cartoon Bear funny animal comic book scan
The last couple of posts featured the freaked-out funny-animal comics of Ellis Holly ChambersIf you missed them, check out the stories of Eddie the Elephant and Percy Pelican from the pages of Hi-Ho Comics #1 (1946). Links right below:

Eddie Elephant cartoon comic face

This story, “Bertie Bruin” continues the fascinatingly freakish art of Ellis Holly Chambers, but with an added twist: Some of the most horrible storytelling I’ve ever seen in a comic book!

Bertie Bruin Page 1 cartoon bear with slingshot Bertie Bruin Page 2 cartoon bear with slingshot Bertie Bruin Page 3 cartoon bear shoots slingshot Bertie Bruin Page 4 cartoon bear makes a bow and arrow Bertie Bruin Page 5 cartoon bear shoots a bow and arrow

It’s quite an object lesson in what NOT to do when drawing comics.

In the transition from page 2 to page 3 I had NO idea what the heck was going on. The flopping stage direction and confusingly similar character designs left me scratching my head, wondering if the pages were printed out of order.

And what happened between the last panel of page 3 and the first panel of page 4???
Once I figured it out, I went along for the ride and enjoyed watching a cute story disintegrate into confusion because of bad staging. But it’s a fun disaster.

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Dougmian said...

Hum, yes, that problem of direction made my brain hurt! Maybe he is using a magic slingshot! Hehehe!

Daniel [] said...

Perhaps the lacuna between the third and fourth pages was a result of someone (a stoned artist or someone later in production) omitting a page, as an act of carelessness or of censorship.

In any case, these stories by Chambers brought underground comics to my mind even before his drug habit was mentioned.