Ghettomation Guru Jim Lujan

Heroes don't take vacations. Crime does not nap.
Apparently, neither does indy animator Jim Lujan!

Jim Lujan is making some of the best indy animation around; he calls it Ghettomation. No fancy stuff. Just good stories, compelling characters and awesome funked-out art.

Here's my very favorite Lujanimation: FreakDaddy!

I've been meaning to post his stuff for a long time, but I can find the words to explain how much his cartoons rock my world. So check it out for yerself right here, on Jim's YouTube channel:

He's even got a couple of DVD's out ...

Jim Lujan is a one-man animation studio -- he writes, draws, animates, does all voices and music too! And he just keeps going and going. Jim's been making cartoons for years...sometimes there's a new one every six weeks or so!

See how happy they make me?
As you can see in this cartoon, Hittin' Switchez," Jim has a marvelous way of capturing the bleak suburban strip-mall culture of southern California. A totally unique take on the weirdness of the real world...

His DIY "get-it-done-and-move-on-to-the-next-cartoon" ethos has inspired me greatly. And he's a swell dude, too. Get a glimpse at his creative process in these cool interviews: Jim and I even did a podcast together: Sherm's Ghettomation episode!

Check out all of Jim Lujan's  Ghettomation goodness at:

Tell him Freakdaddy sent you.


Jim Lujan said...

WOW! Thanks for the kind words, Sherm. Back at you, you talented guy, you!!

Unca Jeffy said...

Once again you're got your thumb on the pulse of all that's cool!

Thanks for hepping us Daddio!

Jay Watson said...

Oh man Sherm!!!! You've ROCKED MY ANIMATION WORLD WIth this cool post (and all the links et al, and stuff). Jim Lujan is so dang unique and mondo-talented!!!! He's got a really distinct art style, to be sure, but his overall sense of humor, pacing, dialog, voice work and the whole vibe is pure genius! (then again, it takes a genius like you Sherm, to spot the quality in others). Now that I'm a Lujanophile.... my weekend has been made perfect.