Trick-or-Treat Time for SpongeBob and Patrick - ArtRage Digital Painting Process

SpongeBob ArtRage Pumpkin Halloween Nicelodeon Magazine
(Click on the image above for a bigger version)

Submitted for your Pumpkin-Day viewing is the painting I did for Nickelodeon's Halloween issue of SpongeBob SquarePants Magazine...a special Halloween themed portrait of SpongeBob and Patrick as seen from inside a Jack-o-Lantern pumpkin.

Here are a few thumbnails of the work in progress:

SpongeBob steps painting process Halloween Pumpkin cover Nickelodeon Magazine

SpongeBob Patrick Pumpkin Nickelodeon magazine Halloween pumpkin ArtRage digital art
(Click on the cover above for a bigger version)

...and here's the published version with all the word-balloons, headlines and logos.This was painted digitally using the fantastic (and cheap) graphics program, ArtRage 2.5


Robert Moon said...

Thank for these. I love watching all of your videos and I thought I might finally say thanks for it. I was just wondering, do you use a cintiq when doing all of this? I have an intuos4 tablet and was thinking of making the jump to the cintiq12wx but I've heard differing opinions on the quality of them. What are your thoughts?

Sherm said...

Hi Rooney -- thanks for the kind words :)

I use the Cintiq 21UX, but I used to do it all on the Intuos2. The Cintiq is great...never had a bad experience with it. The 21UX is HUGE, so the 12wx may be even easier to use. Just make sure you have a good video card to support the monitor and the graphics software. Have fun!

Gavin Freitas said...

Awesome! Look's great Sherm. I love Artrage BTW. Thanks for showing it to me. I'm using it for our backgrounds for a production. Thanks a million...

Sherm said...

Hi Gavin...thanks for letting mne know -- that's awesome!