First-Ever Photos of the Storyboard Secrets 10-DVD Boxed Set

 10 DVDs - 20 Topics - 13 Hours of Practical Instruction.
The DVD course debuted on Friday at CTNX

CTNX was amazingly great, and we met tons of great cartoonists!

For more info on the 10-DVD Box Set, please send an email to:


Pierre said...

It looks amazing ! Great job as usual Sherm ;)
Are those DVDs the exact same thing as the storyboard online class we had ?

Sherm said...

Hi Pierre...yes, they are the videos from the online class, slightly re-edited. So you definitely have all this stuff with your online class access. Thanks for the nice words ^_^

David said...

Wow...very cool Sherm! I've learned so much from just reading your blog and drawing my way through your Walt Foster Character Design book. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and making your years of experience so accessible to everyone!

Sherm said...

Hi David...thank YOU for the very kind words :) Thanks for letting me be a part of your awesome cartoonist surveys at

Pierre said...

Thank you for the answer Sherm. One thing is sure, it's going to sell like hot cakes !

Martin Olson said...

fantastic resource from The Master. I'm spreading the word.