“Fury Commands…And NO man Can Refuse!” 1950 Comic Book Perfume Ads

Can you make strong men weak Perfume ads from Avon Comics
“Underworld Story” #32 1950
Are YOU Unhappy
The text on these ads is a scream…
and those illustrations are wonderful!
Do People Talk About You Do you Want Double Power
Not quite sure why this ad
was running in a crime comic…
Do You Want To Make Men OBEY You Do You Want to Marry Now Draw Men to You with the Charm of Tryst
Those guys sure knew how to write lurid, sensational and salacious ad copy in those days.Fury Commands and No Man Can Refuse
Gimme that order form…I wanna try them all!Perfume order form comic book advertisement
Here’s the whole enchilada…
all on one eye-punishing page:
0207 Underworld Story NN   Avon   c2c #32 - Page 2


ComiCrazys said...

Mantrap is a perfume? Not where I grew up. =)

Unknown said...

Wow.... that is all.

LisaLinenLady said...

Thanks for this valuable information. I've been trying tocontrol my husband (and men in general ) for YEARS!