Joe Blow

cartoon crook steals a safe mask criminal crime Cartoon man gets package in mailbox Cartoon man plays detective follows little kid cartoon mom throws rolling pin I love the crook’s line: “Ha – a customer!”
Cartoon man punches masked crook Cartoon man ships the masked bad guy via post office
You like that “cloud of thought” in the first panel?
I can’t quite explain why the third-string semi-pro quality of these comics is so appealing to me. Maybe it’s the humanity of it. It’s more than halfway between a clunky amateur job and a respectable pro story. Not quite there yet…but he’s reaching for that goal!
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Scans from Jack In The Box #12 1946
Thanks to – a fantastic source of vintage public-domain comic book scans! Just make sure to register before you try download.
Great eye-catching cover! Nothing more fun than drowning your friend in a frozen lake ;)

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