Underdog and Joe Harris - The REAL Story Behind a Great Cartoon Hero

Meet the cartoonist behind Underdog and the Trix rabbit: Joe Harris!

I just listened to this amazing in-depth interview for the second time...It's the kind of interview you NEVER get to hear...the unromantic and TRUE story about the way cartoons get made and the REAL life of a cartoonist. All the ups and downs. Genius stuff. One for the time capsule.

The Joe Harris interview is at:

Thanks so much to cartoonist and podcaster
Todd Dolce for bringing this one into the world.

LOTS of great interviews
with the giants of cartooning
and animation at BOING! The Podcast


Will Finn said...

Joe Harris is one of my heroes and a particularly strong influence on me lately. I was able to contact and exchange letters with him this past holiday season and he was wonderfully gracious and kind in responding.

This man was basically a one-man pre-production studio for ten solid years, over hundreds of shorts were authored by his hand. A great, ingenious designer and an all-time original cartoonist.

Thanks for these links--they should be watched by anyone interested in Mr. Harris' work.

BTW: His TRIX rabbit character is still going strong, with his basic design, personality and slogan all owing to Joe Harris' amazing talent.

Togotooner said...


Thanks for the shout out! I still listen back to Joe's interview and smile. I'm so happy that I was able to talk with him. I will have to scan the amazing piece of original art he did for me featuring Tennessee Tuxedo and Chumley. He truly is a legend that falls under the radar!

Funny,...on a similar note,..Lowell Hess,...who I interviewed after Joe,..invited me to his home the next time I was in the Northeast. I took him up on it a month ago and it was simply amazing to see what that man had worked on. The 50's style of cartoon art is simply fantastic!

Cartoon Snap is still one the best sites out there! Thanks for your hard work in keeping it going!