Don Bluth Vs. "Man Vs Art" -- a great new interview

I don't always listen to podcasts, but when I do, I prefer Man vs Art. Raul Aguirre's show has been my companion for many late-night drawing sessions.

Raul Aguirre Jr. has been an animator and storyboard artist, writer, producer, etc for 16 years, working for all the big houses like Disney Feature, Nickelodeon and Fox. And he's got a heart as big as Southgate, CA.
His passion and love and humor shine thru with every podcast he puts out. Now Raul has scored a sweet interview with Mr.Animation Renaissance himself: Don Bluth!

It's a great listen...not the usual cookie-cutter glad-handing puff piece you usually hear when an industry legend gets interviewed. You get these two guys in a room and start talking about the joys of traditional animation...there's no holding them back! Seriously -- Man vs Art is hands-down my favorite podcast (and not because I've had the honor to be a guest), and this episode is a great way for the show to kick of its second season!


Togotooner said...

O.G. Whiz Sherm! I never even knew this site existed! Where do you find these?!!! This is fantastic stuff!!!

I will listen to the interview with Sherm Cohen tonight!!! I can't wait to listen to the "master" share his knowledge of the art!!!

Don is a great guy as well as an amazing talent!!! I can't wait to give that interview a listen too!

Raul Aguirre said...

Thanks Sherm!
I want to put out a podcast that really gets artists jazzed about being artists! Thanks to support from folks like you Man vs. Art is growing every day!