Some old SpongeBob doodles on a scrap of illustration board

Click on image for full-size SpongeBob doodle

As much as I hate sketching in sketchbooks, I LOVE doing doodles on oddly-shaped pieces of stuff. Anything with a writing surface. Newspapers are good. I also have an old "Voter Information" publication with a lotta sketches inside. I like doodling on newsprint with a roller-ball pen. My current fave rollerball is the Bic 730R. You can get 'em at Staples. Oh, and I'm also doodling in a copy of the expired TAG union contract. So? I dunno.

I prolly drew this during the third or fourth season of SpongeBob. I've always liked drawing SpongeBob...he really makes me happy ^_^ Sketched with a PITT artists Pen - brush tip. One of my favorite drawing tools.

Hope you like it!


Brentoons said...

Ha ha! Sherm, I STILL doodle in the margins of ANY notepad or book!

Jay Watson said...

I love it too Sherm!
I love the third SB or maybe 4th from the top, the angry one with his neck tie on :)

David Martingale said...

Dunno if I asked this before, Sherm, but do you know who the artist is that drew the kid reading the comic on the left side of this blog?

Sherm said...

Thanks, guys!

David: The artist is Ed Wheelan, and a lot of his "Comics McCormick" comics are on this blog. Paste in or search the blog for McCormick

David Martingale said...

Cool, I will do!

I was looking at comics by Jimmy Hatlo over on The Big Blog of Kids' Comics earlier and thought maybe it was him.

Bob Flynn said...

FUN! Looks great, Sherm! I'm pretty sure it's impossible to draw SpongeBob and not feel happy :)

Unknown said...

Love it I like drawing on scraps of stuff too