Two Faced Guy on Storyboard Paper

two faced dancer ArtRage digital painting cartoon

Painting fun in ArtRage (and a little in Sketchbook Pro). I took a doodle I had made on storyboard paper, scanned it, made the white paper background disappear in Photoshop. Then imported to ArtRage for all the painting. Then colored the lines in Sketchbook Pro.

I was trying out all the tools and settings to get that scrumbly Golden Books kind of texture to my paint. Fun!

After so many years of being hung up on making things look "just right," I'm not at ALL concerned about "painting inside the lines." It feels quite liberating !


FrankenBarry said...

Two faces... must be a politician. Cool expressive style... more Sherm sketches!

Sherm said...

Thanks Barry...I appreciate the vote of confidence!